About Us

Belle Beauté Replenishing Hair Oil was first discovered in 2020 by Belle Beauté Collection. Belle stands for…. “Beautiful” in (French), and that’s what I believe hair is when it’s being described as how a plant grows when it’s always being replenished. I had a passion for creating my very own organic & essential hair oil product by researching all the different benefits of what kind of oils works best for the scalp.

I was tired of spending hundreds of dollars on hair store products that contain harsh chemicals that didn’t really help along with me and my children hair growth. l began testing my oil on myself and my children hair as well, and the results were amazing!! I was so happy to see so much growth happening from all of us. It made me want to share with the world what i had to offer. I just love learning about hair and wanted to help others with all hair types to be willing to use an all natural product to achieve their hair goals.

“I really hope you all enjoy my Belle Beauté Replenishing Hair Oil and can’t wait to hear feedback & see pictures of your hair journey! Thank you for supporting me.” 💜💜